At our company, SimHouse, we design and build state-of- the art simulators. As an extraordinary combination of the latest available technologies and decades of experience, Simhouse simulators are the perfect choice for training, racing teams and motorsport enthusiasts. Our flexible production ensures that our simulators are always custom built to our customers requirements. WELCOME to a new experience Fascinated by modern technology and being dedicated motorsport enthusiasts, we founded SimHouse Ltd to create advanced simulation systems for those who share our passion. For years we have been exploring simulation solutions, and now we are proud to introduce our S1M ONE motion simulation system, designed for a stunning racing experience.


Track Days, Company Events, Team Buildings, Family Days


Motion / Static, Race Cars, Street Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, VR Experience


Learning Race Tracks, City Driving, Truck Test Track


For Rent, For Sale, Special Requests



From world famous professional race car drivers to driving schools, our valued customers use our simulators in a wide range of fields and we are also a popular entertainment programme at automobile races and other events. Our simulators are also used with great success in driving improvement trainings and in driver training for truck drivers.

At events, our simulators also play an important role by providing an unforgettable experience for sponsors, business partners, customers or visitors at exhibitions.

Learning Race Tracks, City Driving, Truck Test Track